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by  Admin   28/09/2012

Just a reminder to all Free Members...all the real trading action is in our Live Chat. We have over 30 traders online right now! I'm really proud of the group we have's an environment where no baseless ramping is tolerated, and traders respect each others varying opinions and methods.

If you'd like to check it out I have just reduced the one month trial Silver membership fee to $7.95 for a short time. Basically the only reason I charge a small fee for Silver membership is to cover subscriber fees for our Live Hipchat chat program, and hosting fees.
Hope to chat soon!


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CFD Traders Edge - How do you allocate your time in your journey to be a better trader?
by  Admin   15/07/2012

You might be relatively new to trading, or maybe you've been in the game for years. You spend every spare minute you get researching, charting, learning about a new indicator, etc. You just need to find that one right method that is going to send your trading can't quite put your finger on why, but you can't seem to nail that one last ingredient to make things work. Sound familiar?

How much time a week do you allocate to this process? 5 hours, 10....20?

Now ask yourself how much of that time you spent on money management, position sizing and trading psychology. Is that a silent pause I hear?

If you are not spending AT LEAST 50% of your learning time on this side of your trading, especially if you think your trading is suffering from flaws...then you will most probably fail to solve the problem in my opinion.

Sure charts are sexier, but if you're not prepared to put in the hard work to learn effective money management and how YOUR trading psyche're trading career is most probably doomed. Sorry.

Tags : cfd traders edge, cfd trading, cfd, cfd trader's edge, cfd trading strategies, day trading, trading set ups


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