"The Trader's Edge chat room was instrumental in my development as a short term trader. While every trader has their own individual style - it's a huge advantage to pool information with a group of like minded traders. Alan and the crew have eyes everywhere."

Bryce E - Professional Trader

"I really enjoy the interactions with fellow traders as trading solo can be lonely at times. This site promotes ‘no ramping’ of stocks which help us to analyse trades objectively and get better each day.

We can ask questions, and people are very helpful sharing their knowledge which can help us achieving our goals together. Personally my trading has improved tremendously since joined in 2012
Thanks Al for your great work!"

Chandra Y - Professional Trader

“As a professional trader in the ASX markets, I could think of no better resource than Alan McGrath’s trading community. He has successfully traded the markets for years and during this time he has built a fantastic network of experienced individuals.  The website is a place where others come to contribute ideas, share experiences and to learn about all the facets needed to be a success at trading. Most importantly, it is a community of friends who push each other to be the best they can in a market that can be very insular at times. “

Austin M - Market Analyst


As you know, new subscriptions have been basically unavailable for several years now. We are making changes to allow more participants to join the community, while still ensuring quality of content. Stay tuned!

The Trader's Edge chat portal is a facility for serious professional or semi professional traders.

I'm sure most of the traders in the room are more than happy to assist other traders on their journey when they can, but please understand that many are extremely busy and may not be able to help beginner traders on a personal basis.


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For new subscribers, the annual fee is adjusted periodically throughout the year to reflect the remaining period until 31st December expiry. 

***New subs are currently unavailable due to maximum numbers reached

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